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Creative Singing Sessions / Overtone Singing / Mantra / Learn Beautiful Songs from Around the World


The singing sessions that I guide connect with emotions and with logic – we work on (and play with freeform exercises and also with methodical techniques. Depending on what I see as necessary, and what each individual prefers, the sessions may include:

  • breathing exercises (appoggio, kundalini yoga & more)
  • voice toning (vowel singing), toning healing words, meditative voice exercises
  • overtone singing / harmonic chant
  • therapeutic singing exercises (frequencies of the ancient, sacred Solfeggio scale / Hz of body organs + hand acupressure, the “Six Healing Sounds”, tones of the solar system, The Cosmic Octave / etc.)
  • tips and y “tricks” to help your voice (from Estill Voice Craft & other techniques)
  • mantra
  • help with singing in English
  • fun with a “looper” pedal
  • beautiful songs from around the world: emotional songs AND circular/rhythmic songs, from a wide repertoire of traditional songs from Bulgaria, African countries, Turkey, Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine, the Middle East, India, Spain, the Americas & Celtic Wicca circular chants
    (And we can find harmonics in all of the above!

I love teaching, but since my time is often consumed by music projects, I teach infrequent “mini-workshops” rather than regular weekly classes. The sessions normally last 1hour&30min (sometimes 2 hours). The price is 40€ per session (not per hour). I record each session and then give participants the audio from it, along with printed papers to help continue practicing. People who come to me usually do 1 or 2 sessions per month, but there is no obligation. Since the music projects in which I participate require a lot of time, sometimes I organize the singing sessions so that 2 or 3 people attend at once. (With 3 people or more, the price is reduced to 35€ per person.) I always give the individual attention that each person needs/wants.

Thanks for reading this & I wish you Musicamor!



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