Sonica Project performs a brilliant fusion of World Music, acoustic tribal instrumentation and live electronic dance music.

At the core is the magic duo of Antoine Bonsorte (Italy) & Cumie (USA). Antoine has studied and played music around the world, and he specializes in bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and music production. Cumie’s unique, emotional voice is complimented by her ethnic percussion, tribal dance and music production.

Sonica Project also features regular guest artist collaborations with multi-intrumentalist and vocalist Arnaud Bazin (France), keyboardist/DJ/music producer Gergö Marton (Hungary), and Hernan Livolsi (Argentina) on flutes/Hang/didgeridoo/beat machines/FX.

Our stunning dancers thrill the crowd with their energy, grace and passion for our electric World music.

Sonica Project creates sublime compositions, catchy musical grooves as well as exotic visual spaces for sensual chillout, and raging ecstatic dance concerts!



CUMIE (“kyu-mee”) singer-songwriter, music producer, teacher of creative voice, tribal and overtone singing, dancer and budding percussionist.
Cumie has sung with/for: Cirque du Soleil, Bobby McFerrin, U2, Carlos Núñez, Armani, Megan Fox, Rafael Nadal, director Alejandro González Iñárritu. She sings with MuOM, the only overtone singing choir in Spain, & she was a soloist with a 100+ member Gospel choir.
Cumie believes the voice serves as a bridge between the unseen & the manifest worlds.


Singer-musician from Brittany, France. For the past 15 years, Nono has been travelling and discovering cultures and music around the globe. He has performed in many different projects, as composer-performer of projects he founded, or in collaboration with other artists’ projects. His music takes you on a journey, influenced by the music he has experienced all over the world.


Guitarist, keyboardist, composer, music producer and DJ. Gergö produces music in various styles, specialising in Chillout, Lounge and Dance Music.


Didgeridoo prodigy and autodidact on many ethnic instruments. He performs in different musical projects, ranging from music for relaxation and meditation to very danceable tribal sounds. He fuses ancestral and modern acoustic instruments with both retro and vanguard electronic sounds.

Ariel Eder photo Ambra Sonica Project Alex

Sonica Project & Bibiana 2017 - Marga F Villalonga 5

Sonica Project Cumie & Dahlia Tribal 2017 - Marga F Villalonga

Sonica Project & Dahlia Tribal - One World Music event - Santiago Stankovic 1