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Cumie was drawn to new-age music from a very early age. She felt one “saving grace” as a child was listening to the public radio program, “Echoes” with John Diliberto, featuring a soundscape of ambient, space, electronica, and new-age music. As a child, Cumie asked her parents to purchase cassette tapes for her such as “Pure Moods” (first US release of new-age music series released by Virgin Records), Enya and Coyote Oldman. Cumie began singing in church when she was 5 or 6 years old. She completed her level I Kundalini Yoga Teacher training with Guru Guru school (Girona & Barcelona).

Cumie has had had the great luck of collaborating with Meditation Music artists such as: MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir, Dave Stringer, Luis Paniagua, Nestor Kornblum, Erik OM, Jim Beckwith, Mark Pulido, Flavia Krystael, Simeth Maya, Mat Baker, Daniel Alzamora Dickens & more. She’s performed in countless yoga festivals, dance retreats, events for non-profit orgs, self-development intensives and natural health seminars.

She has had had the great luck of performing meditation music in venues such as: Palau de la Música (Barcelona), Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia, inside the caves of Montserrat Mountain, Basilica Santa Maria del Pi, Casa del Tibet, St. Ethelburga’s (London), Llangollen Fringe Festival (Wales), Palau March Museum (Palma de Mallorca), Castell Son Claret, Loarre Castle, various points along the Camino de Santiago, Rosemary Court (Sarasota) & many more venues, including theatres Off Broadway.

Cumie has been recording privately released singles and EPs of meditation music for years. She produced a full-length kundalini yoga mantra CD in 2012, during her teacher training. She is currently gearing-up to lead kirtans.

Cumie believes the voice amplifies our thoughts and serves as a bridge between the unseen and the manifest worlds.

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Cumie sings freestyle on Cirque du Soleil art installation