Creative Singing with Cumie

Cumie enjoys guiding people to sing inspiring songs, exotic scales & playful rhythms – from all over the world. Her treasure trove includes original songs, overtone singing, mantra and traditional songs from Bulgaria, India, the African continent, Turkey, Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine, the Middle East, Spain & the Americas. She’s likes to inspire groups to play with creative voice – seeds of ideas, plus sounds invented in the moment – multiple layers of our own improvised singing! Cumie believes the voice serves as a bridge between the unseen & the manifest worlds.

Every singing session with Cumie is different. Overtone singing is great for warming up the voice, body, mind, environment and spirit. Thanks to the research of scientists and music therapists, we can sing some of the frequencies of vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, colors, the organs of the body (which can also be combined with hand acupressure), ancient sacred scales, the solar system & much more – including the overtones/harmonics of our own names. Overtones are the perfect way to harmonize your week & beyond.

Since Cumie is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, and a fan of Tribal Fusion belly dance, she often includes active meditations and some exercises from Kundalini Yoga and other movement disciplines. If for any reason someone cannot do physical exercises, no worries at all ~ there are other ways to participate! The main focus in Cumie’s workshops is voice, intention and vibration.

A few of Cumie’s voice workshop titles:

Creative Singing

Overtone Singing / Harmonics of the Voice

Hz of body organs + hand acupressure

Circle songs from Africa

The Voice & the 5 Elements

Toning Affirming Words

Toning Participants’ Names

Meditative Voice

Six Healing Sounds

Fun with a Looper

Celtic Wicca Circular Chants

The Sacred Solfeggio Scale

Beautiful Songs from Around the World

Estill Voice Craft (coming in late 2017) Level I completed, Level II in progress

Help with Singing in English (for non-native English speakers:)

Shared Words or Sounds Between Languages

What Is a Tonoscope?


  • Participants receive audio recordings of the workshops(!), to inspire continued practice.
  • Children are welcome. (Discount as well; please enquire.)
  • The workshops sometimes run out of space, so please confirm your assistance to:
  • You just need to wear comfy clothes & a desire to express yourself!
  • Most workshops are open to all levels. It’s common for people with no previous experience as well as professional singer-musicians to attend together.


After every workshop, Cumie gives 2+ hours (free of charge) to the post-production of the recordings from the workshop. The purpose is to help you continue practicing and connecting to your voice at home, in the car, out in Nature. Hoping they serve as seeds that give impulse to sing. ♫ ♪♩